Funds For Families

Hey everyone check out how my friend and I attempt to successfully start up our own club.  We are still far from done, however this is what we did to jump start giving back to the community.  It was quite a lot of work and although it was more than we anticipated, it is a fun experience and if you ever wish to start an organization don’t hesitate to go for it.  It’s a long and thoughtful process and we hope to continue Funds For Families, a club to help less fortunate families, into the next year and expand!

The Story Of My Learning: BRAWL

This week my class and I participated in a BRAWL type of discussion on the book All Quiet On The Western Front.  To be bitterly honest I did not enjoy the novel but still embrace the assignment.  However, this is a learning experience because for me and a majority of the class this was a completely new way of discussing a book.  I believe having many questions revolve around war and the affect it has on society was a good point to argue and also agree with.  War has been a prevalent part of history and still is in the thoughts of many as we grow within our countries.  I learned the most about the themes and overall ideas of the book and how it relates to the real world.  Our in class debates brought out pessimistic as well as optimistic sides of arguable questions.  I not only learned but interacted with people of realistic views, creative views, nonreligious, and religious views, which is only some of many.  Doing the BRAWL in a group helped me manage my time and split work evenly so that everyone put in approximately the same amount of effort.  I think one of the most important things I reflected on was the fact that you don’t always have to agree with others, even those who are in the same group and that there are ways to work around and resolve that problem.  Different people have different beliefs and that is OKAY.  Having ten questions to answer and a group twitter with three people may seem easy but there were definitely roadblocks.  With the school year winding down but our classes still going completely full speed it was hard to find time for this activity but we found splitting the questions was the easiest way of getting things done.  The first BRAWL was quite rocky because I had no idea what to expect or what other groups did to prepare.  However, by the second BRAWL I definitely opened up.  I think what I got from doing this was a more relaxed view on speaking in front of a class and easily expressing what I think about a certain subject.

One of the funniest moments about the BRAWL.

IMG_5478This is also a link to my group’s answers to the second BRAWL and our ideas about the topic.

Chicken and Corn Empanadas

In society, an abundant amount of people find it necessary to fit in with the norm. However Seven Cups of Tea is unique as it expresses their love for food, creating things, and not being afraid of trying something different through the recipes they post almost weekly. I myself am guilty of sometimes tending to stick with what I am comfortable with. Experiencing new things that may be out of your comfort zone adds excitement to your life, whether it be through food or through something else. Food is also a base for great moments as great moments usually do involve food. I thought these empanadas looked really tasty and it could be something you could do with family and friends or even for them. I think this blog contains delicious, simple recipes that could jump start something fun to do or even a passion. Also, who doesn’t love food?

Seven Cups of Tea

corn6Today I thought i would share this delicious chicken and corn empanada recipe. This warm and spiced take on empanadas are truly my favorite and are the perfect things to go alongside any soup. These should be served immediately because of how well the favors are right out if the oven. Regina Brett says, “Eating something fresh out of the oven is like a hug you can taste.” The flaky and crunchy dough deliciously surrounds the chewy, warm, spicy and cheesy filling. I hope you enjoy this new recipe and try it out!


1 cooked chicken breast (cubed)

1 small onion or half a big one (diced)

2 ½ tsp fresh cilantro

1-1 ½ tsp of Tabasco sauce

Puff Pastry (ready-made)

1 can sweet corn

1/2 -1 tsp of cinnamon

1 egg for glaze

5 tbs shredded cheese of your choice (optional)

salt and pepper to taste


  • Preheat…

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Homework, No Thanks

So it’s around 11 pm as I’m struggling to get through all my assignments this Thursday night.  It’s not just any Thursday.  Its the Thursday before this Friday, which is the last day before spring break officially starts.  I would like to personally thank all of my teachers for cramming every single class lesson, homework assignment, and chapter exam into these past 4 days, making kids more stressed than they have ever been before.  To be honest, even though I have never received so much work in this year before, the thought of having a week off school pushes me through the seven hour school days.  However, there is one thing, yes just one thing, that can completely ruin a student’s spring break.  Getting homework over the break.

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Time Flies

This weekend the dance team that I am currently a part of went to the 2015 USA National competition held in Anaheim.  It was an exciting, tiring, and most of all emotional experience as a lot of you know comes with doing things that you love.  As i was there I remembered the exact moment last year with the same team, getting ready for the same exact category.  Other than a new routine and different members it was so similar to what I experienced during the 2014 national competition.  This made me realize that days, weeks, and even years speed by and that every moment really does count.

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